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Hands up who doesn’t use a social media platform? No… thought not.

Hands up who thinks that because they are not active on social media there is no need for their company to be on social media? Well, that’s where you are wrong. Equally you are wrong if you think that you have to have a presence on all social media platforms because you can!

We make sure that you first understand your target audience. You know, the humans you want to engage with your organisation. Once we start to understand what makes them tick, who their friends are and what they want to get from life can we begin to see how you can get in front of them.

Social media management is not just about churning out content, or getting ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ *selfie song is still replaying in our minds* it is about humanising your brand in order to connect with your audience.

Using JSquared for your social media management means you get an extension of your marketing team, without the overheads! We’ll even set you up with your very own ‘Instagram kit’

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Social Media

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