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What for art thou Digital? *yes we know it should be ‘where’, but ‘what’ works for us right now*

Is it DAB, or DOOH, or Programmatic, or PPC or SEO, or Affiliate or E-commerce? Well in truth it is all of these things technically. With the evolution from analogue to digital, paper and paste to digital, and well, SEO to PPC, the term digital has become more and more diluted.

We are therefore referring to PPC as just that. Pay Per Click advertising. Technically anyone can set up an AdWords account and run a campaign, but the question we ask is ‘Should they?’. You know what happens when you try and do DIY around the home but you are not a qualified electrician or plumber. That feeling of spending lots of time and money trying to do something cheap, only to have to hire a professional to come and sort it out? Well, that’s what we see a lot when it comes to PPC.

We at J Squared are qualified individuals (AdWords qualified) and have experience in running campaigns. Not just through Ad Networks but programmatically using AI technology as well as mobile data centres.

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